Corporate Health Coach; Certificate in Wellness Coaching
USA Triathlon Certified Coach & NASM Certified Personal Trainer
M.S. Exercise Science w/specialization in Health Promotion
Past writer, AXS, CBS Chicago, Demand Media
Writing Background: Health, Triathlon, Local events

About Ken Johnson

Kenneth (Ken) Johnson MS, MBA, is a freelance writer who has written on topics ranging from dreams of Ugandan college students, shipwrecks in the Great Lakes, MS-DOS tricks and tips, legal technology, triathlons and marathons, and Milwaukee/Kenosha/Chicago local events. His recent works have focused primarily on health, wellness, endurance sports, and local events for a variety of online content providers.

Johnson was the Chicago Wellness Examiner, Milwaukee Triathlon Examiner, and National Endurance Sports Examiner at for six years, before the site went offline in the summer of 2016. His work has also appeared in the the USA Triathlon Multisport Zone, Houston Chronical Online, CBS Chicago Local, LIVESTRONG.COM, and He has also authored internal research and content articles for a population health management services organization, as well as training materials for a variety of companies.

Johnson holds a M.S. in Exercise Science with a specialization in Health and Wellness Promotion, a M.B.A. with Marketing emphasis, and certificate in Wellness Coaching. He has been a USA Triathlon certified coach and National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer since 2003, and for ten years was a triathlon coach at the largest municipal fitness facility in the United States.

Johnson's writing makes complicated health and wellness information understandable to the everyday reader, and scientific training information accessible to the novice to intermediate athlete.

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USA Triathlon Articles

USA Triathlon Certified Coach

Practicing Your Open Water Skills in the Pool  pdf
The tri season is ramping up, and soon some of us will be able to get into open water to practice. But if you don’t have access to safe open water swimming, or the weather isn’t cooperating, did you know you can practice some of your open water skills in a swimming pool? Below are some exercises I’ve had my athletes work on in a pool.
USA Triathlon Multisport Zone
One Key to Endurance Performance May Be Subliminal Visual Cues   pdf
Soon it may be possible to improve your multisport performance not by necessarily training harder, but by wearing glasses that flash positive subliminal cues. Positive subliminal visual cues — words, pictures and symbols unidentifiable in your consciousness — have been shown to improve performance in endurance athletes. Based on research from the University of Kent and Bangor University, athletes presented with positive cues were able to cycle significantly longer to exhaustion than those shown negative or neutral cues.
USA Triathlon Multisport Zone
The Secrets to a Successful Race Simulation  pdf
One of the cardinal rules of triathlon (or really any race) is “nothing new on race day.” The idea is to prevent any surprises that you have control over. One way to minimize those surprises is to do a race simulation before your major race. In fact, you may want to do two — one several weeks before the race day and one seven to 10 days out.
USA Triathlon Multisport Zone
The 5 Biggest Transition Mistakes  pdf
We often call transition the fourth discipline of triathlon (and indeed, any multisport). A fast and smart transition improves your race time and stress level. Unfortunately, a bad transition caused by mistakes can result in everything from a disappointing race time to a full race disqualification. With a little forethought, research and planning, you can avoid these annoying to significant mistakes in transition:
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Your Guide to a Transition Walk-through  pdf
Are you a triathlete training hard to take a few minutes off your swim or run time, or maybe five to 10 minutes off your bike time? If so, make sure that you’re not overlooking a place where you often can save a good bit of time with just a little effort. That’s in the “fourth discipline” of triathlon: the transition.
USA Triathlon Multisport Zone
The Vegan Triathlete  pdf
Triathletes are naturally concerned about nutrition — for workouts and recovery and on race day. There can be different nutritional strategies for different athletes, and some lifestyle choices significantly affect our triathlon nutrition. Perhaps the biggest is the vegan lifestyle. Can the vegan triathlete be successful in our sport? Absolutely, but some planning is required.
USA Triathlon Multisport Zone
How to Calculate Your Training Zones  pdf
Every workout needs to be done with a specific purpose in mind, and planned. Training, whether done on your own or following a coaching plan, typically has three dimensions: frequency, duration and intensity. Frequency is how often, and duration how long — distance, e.g., a 1,000-meter swim in the pool, or time, e.g., a one-hour run. Intensity is harder to quantify, but basically means how hard.
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USAT HR Calculations spreadsheet
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